Floor-Mounted Tubestand

Design: Manual movement, with fully counter balanced horizontal tube arm
Longitudinal tube treavel: 200 cm
Transversal tube travel: 30 cm, with detent at table center
Vertical tube travel: 162 cm
Focal spot-to-floor distance: Variable from 40 to 202 cm
X-ray tube rotation: ± 150° (detents at + 90°, 0°, - 90°)
Tubestand column rotation: ± 180° (detents at + 90°, 0°, - 90°)
Tube arm console controls: Longitudinal, transverse, vertical, and rotational lock control buttons
Tube arm console displays: SID and tube angle around horizontal

Germany NDT Association DGZfP

FOMA has become member of Germany NDT Association DGZfP.