Table Bucky

Table top dimensions: 220 cm x 80 cm
Height from floor: 75 cm
Table top composition: Laminated structure
Table top-to-film distance: 7.8 cm
Table top AI equivalence: < 0.8 mm AI. at 100 kVp
Table top weight limit: 200 kg
Table top movement: Manual, 4-way floating top
Longitudinal travel: 110 cm
Traversal table top travel: 24 cm
Table locks: Electromagnetic brakes
Stop control elements: Foot pedals along table base
Table Bucky: Super fast
Bucky travel: 51 cm (center-center)
Grid: 40 Iines/cm - 10:1 line ratio,focused at 100 cm
Cassette sizes: AII sizes from 18 to 43 cm in either orientations
Option:-  Elevating table
Table top to floor: variable from 50 to 90 cm
Table top up/downmovement control: foot switches along table base
AEC (autom.exposure control)

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