Table Bucky

Table top dimensions: 220 cm x 80 cm
Height from floor: 75 cm
Table top composition: Laminated structure
Table top-to-film distance: 7.8 cm
Table top AI equivalence: < 0.8 mm AI. at 100 kVp
Table top weight limit: 200 kg
Table top movement: Manual, 4-way floating top
Longitudinal travel: 110 cm
Traversal table top travel: 24 cm
Table locks: Electromagnetic brakes
Stop control elements: Foot pedals along table base
Table Bucky: Super fast
Bucky travel: 51 cm (center-center)
Grid: 40 Iines/cm - 10:1 line ratio,focused at 100 cm
Cassette sizes: AII sizes from 18 to 43 cm in either orientations
Option:-  Elevating table
Table top to floor: variable from 50 to 90 cm
Table top up/downmovement control: foot switches along table base
AEC (autom.exposure control)


We introduce new product of FOMA Ortho 400 – black and white negative orthochromatic roll film (120)


We offer DX CODE LABELS for the films in the cartridges of 135 type for the sensitivities of 200 and 400 ISO. You can order them on our e-shop.

New photopaper RETROBROM Sp

We have prepared for you a novelty - black and white photo paper in retrostyle - RETROBROM Sp in glossy and semi-matt surface.