Traditional Manufacturer of Photosensitive Materials - FOMA BOHEMIA Ltd.

Let us welcome you with pleasure on homepage of the company FOMA BOHEMIA spol. s.r.o.(Ltd.), the traditional producer of B&W (black and white) photo materials since 1921 and experienced manufacturer of X-ray films used in NDT (non-destructive testing), dental radiography and personal dosimetry/monitoring.

Our headquarters as well as the whole factory´s complex is placed in the Czech Republic, central part of Europe. Having its own production facilities and know-how, FOMA BOHEMIA Ltd. remains one of the last traditional manufacturers of photosensitive material in the world.

NDT System (NDT Program, Non Destructive Testing)

FOMA BOHEMIA Ltd., Czech Republic, manufactures wide products´ system for industrial radiography (FOMA NDT SYSTEM) including all speed range of NDT films INDUX, processing chemicals and other accessories (film viewers, control tests, wetting agent, etc.).

INDUX (FOMADUX) is a technical radiographic film determined for non-destructive testing of materials by X-ray or gamma radiation. It is intended for manual as well as machine processing.

INDUX is available as darkroom packing (NIF- non interleaved) or as a daylight packing (vacuum packing with or without lead foil) and also as a roll film.

Dental Program

Manufacture of dental X-ray films DENTIX was initiated in 1995. We produce the films of high quality based on own emulsion developed by our R&D and on original FOMA vinyl packaging. Nowadays we export the dental films to more than 50 countries worldwide.

At present we can offer you intraoral X-ray films in three speeds, extraoral X-ray films and processing chemicals. Since 2010 we have been manufacturing intraoral films of new generation based on emulsion with T-crystals developed by our researchers. Our dental program is complemented by Personal Monitoring Film used for personal dosimetry in industry or in medical radiology departments.

Black & White Photomaterials

In 1921 photographic plates and processing chemicals had been originally produced under brand FOMA. At present factory of FOMA BOHEMIA Ltd. keeps manufacturing of black&white photomaterials - photo films (negative and reversal), photographic papers both in MG (multigrade) & fixed grades and different types of processing chemicals.

Special Materials

In addition FOMA BOHEMIA Ltd. manufactures special films & other materials for different user purposes. In a group of the special materials you will find Personal monitoring films, Aerial photography films, Fingerprint lifters for criminal investigation, Leader films, Tachograph papers, etc.  

Cinematographic film

For fans of 8 mm and 16 mm cinematographic films, we have prepared new panchromatic film FOMAPAN Cine 100 and orthochromatic film FOMA Cine Ortho 400.

FOMA Ortho 400 - perforated film

We have expanded the range of FOMA Ortho 400 with a new perforated film 135-36 exposures.

New photopaper RETROBROM Sp

We have prepared for you a novelty - black and white photo paper in retrostyle - RETROBROM Sp in glossy and semi-matt surface.