Foma BOHEMIA Ltd., Czech Republic, manufactures wide products´ system for industrial radiography (FOMA NDT SYSTEM) including all speed range of NDT films INDUX, processing chemicals and other accessories (film viewers, control tests, densitometers).

INDUX (FOMADUX) is a technical radiographic film determined for non-destructive testing of materials by X-ray or gamma radiation. It is intended for manual as well as machine processing.

INDUX is available as darkroom packing (NIF- non interleaved) or as a daylight packing (vacuum packing with or without lead foil and also in a roll).


Industrial X ray film INDUX for non-destructive defectoscopy is supplied as darkroom packing or as daylight packing in accordance with ISO 5655 standard.

Darkroom packing: NIF (non interleaved films)
  • Sizes: 6x24, 6x40, 6x48, 10x12, 10x24, 10x40, 10x48 ,10x72 and 35x43 cm in boxes per 100 sheets,
  • Sizes: 10x20, 18x24, 24x30 and 30x40 cm in boxes per 50 sheets.

Daylight packing is presented as a vacuum packing under the name Fomapak with Pb foil.
  • Sizes: 6x10, 6x12, 6x16, 6x20, 6x24, 6x30, 6x40, 6x48, 10x10, 10x12, 10x16, 10x20, 10x24, 10x30, 10x40 and 10x48 cm in boxes per 50 sheets
  • Size: 30x40 cm in boxes per 25 sheets
  • Other sizes can be produced on request.

MultiPack (Sandwich) – vacuum package containing 2 films INDUX with various speeds. Dimensions and speeds of inserted films are available according to customer‘s individual requirements.

Daylight packing in a roll under the name FOMADUX ROLLFILM (with lead foils or without them) is produced in widths 70 mm and 100 mm, length 90 m and 150 m. Packaging: wound on a paper core in a cardboard dispenser box with lead foil, without lead foil as BLR (Bulk Load Roll).


Foma BOHEMIA Ltd. manufactures processing chemicals - procesing baths for automatic and manual processing of industrial X-ray films.

For automatic processing we recommend Foma liquid baths - developer FOMADUX LP-D, starter for developing bath FOMA LP-DS, hardening rapid fixer FOMADUX MIX.

The procedure of manual processing is advised to be finished with using of wetting agent FOTONAL in the additional wash bath in concentration 20 to 40 ml in 1 liter of water.

Preparation of the processing baths follows the instructions presented in data sheets (technical specification).

INDUX may be also processed in other brands´ baths, which are intended for industrial radiographic films.


In addition to materials for industrial radiography Foma BOHEMIA Ltd. offers complementary products such as film viewers ( FV-2008 PLUS, FV-2010 PLUS), digital densitometers, test for stability checking of processed X-ray films (Fomatest THIO), test for quality monitoring of processing procedure ( Fomatest SC 981) and other equipment for darkroom processing.