Dental X-ray films and chemicals

FOMA BOHEMIA Ltd. is experienced producer of X-ray films for dental radiography. FOMA Dental Program consists of intraoral X-ray films including self-developing option, extraoral x-ray films and processing chemicals.

The whole manufacturing process of dental radiographic films is certified by CE.

Intra oral X-ray films

Nowadays, FOMA BOHEMIA Ltd. manufactures intraoral X-ray films in three types differing in their sensitivities: DENTIX D, DENTIX E and DENTIX X-Stream (speed F).

All the films are available in size 2 (3x4cm), size 1 (2.4x4cm) and size 0 (2.2x3.5 cm). They are supplied in truly soft and comfortable vinyl packets.

Having its own formulas, manufacturing know-how and facilities, FOMA Bohemia Ltd. remains one of the last producers of analogue dental X-ray films in the world. To meet the latest trends, traditional emulsions are continuously innovated in R&D laboratories.

Extra oral X-ray films

DENTIX PANORAMIC Green and DENTIX PANORAMIC Blue are extraoral X-ray films suitable for all panoramic (OPG) radiographic techniques. Their usage is given by colour type of an intensifying screen – either blue or green emitting.

Standard available sizes of the panoramic films are 15x30cm and 12,7x30cm in boxes per 100 sheets.

Processing chemicals

DENTIX films are preferably recommended to be processed in FOMA branded baths as they comply best with the properties of the films.

For processing of intra-oral films (either automatic or manual) FOMA offers special FOMADENT sets in liquid form.

Developers, fixers and other complementary baths for extra-oral films are available in both liquid and powder form depending on processing method.

Personal Monitoring Film

Nowadays, FOMA BOHEMIA Ltd. is one of just two last producers of Personal Monitoring Film not only in Europe but all around the world.

FOMA Dosimetry Program primarily represents Personal Monitoring Film intended for dosimetry of persons being exposed to a radiation. There are two films in each packet: high speed and low speed (emergency).

The packets are to be placed into special holders, which are offered by FOMA as well.