Special Materials

In addition FOMA BOHEMIA Ltd. manufactures special films and other materials for different user purposes. In group of the special materials you will find Personal monitoring films, Aerial photography films, Fingerprint lifters for criminal investigation, Leader films, Tachograph papers and Medical X-ray films under our private label.

Personal Monitoring Film

First of all we present to you FOMA DOSIMETRY PROGRAM which includes principally production of Personal Monitoring Film with one high speed film and one low speed (emergency) film. These two films are intended for personal dosimetry (measurement of radiation) on radiology/radiography departments in hospitals, clinics and industry. Moreover we offer you the related products of FOMA - film holders/badges and powder X-ray processing chemicals.

Aerial Photography Film

Let us introduce the aerial photography films of FOMA - panchromatic black and white negative films of medium (ISO 100), resp. high speed (ISO 200) with extended red spectral sensitivity. These aerial films have higher contrast, wide exposure latitude, excellent resolving power and graininess. The films are especially designed for aerial photography and related fields, e.g. cartography, aerial reconnaissance, development study and general aerial photography.

Fingerprint Lifters for Criminal Investigation

Foil for use in criminal investigation is designed for lifting prints and traces of various objects in Police work. Securing and evaluating these prints lead to identification of person or thing. The classic fingerprint lifters are manufactured in three types – transparent foil with clear polyester layer, black type with black gelatine coating and white foil with transparent gelatine layer. In addition we are used to prepare books of prints including white or black paper pad which is attached to the transparent foil.

Tachograph Paper

This type of paper is used as registration paper in tachographs of motorized rail vehicles for evident recording of data such as speed, travel direction, time of starting, stopping and standing, covered distance as function of time. The rolls are made in 4 types differing by the print on the reverse side for registering speeds of rail motor vehicles in ranges 0-90, 0-100, 0-120, 0-150, and 0-180 km/hour.

Medical X-ray films

FOMA BOHEMIA Ltd. processes semi-finished products of medical X-ray films from well-known European manufacturer under our private brand MEDIX. These films are understood as complementary product useful for dealers and big end users, especially from developed markets.